Athanasía Aarniosuo (born in 1981) is a printmaking artist, art historian and curator from Vantaa. Aarniosuo has studied Art History in the University of Helsinki and Fine Art Printmaking in Aberdeen’s Gray’s School of Art. She was born in Lappeenranta, Finland and has lived in Greece, Finland and Scotland, among other places. Narrativity is a recurring theme in her work. The prints are typically colourful visual sequences. Aarniosuo has worked in art residencies in Scotland, Canada, Finland, Lithuania, and Greece. She has participated in several group exhibitions: “Directly on the Wall” by Artists’ Association MUU in Helsinki, Kappatos Gallery’s “Rooms2010” in Athens, and “9th Lessedra World Art Print Annual 2010” in Sofia, Bulgaria. Aarniosuo has held private exhibitions in Finland, Greece, Scotland, Canada, and Estonia.

She gets excited about the freedom one can experience through water, bright colours, underground comics, travelling and art parties. Narratives and visual sequences are also very important to her; how we read narrative sequences and how time is portrayed in these sequences of images. She often includes pop culture references in her art.

She draws little but watches carefully.

She has been a member of the Association of Finnish Printmakers since 2014.



Athanasía Aarniosuo revives and reinvents traditional printmaking by questioning the concept of the edition. Her prints are unique, but they have been produced using traditional printmaking techniques to achieve a graphic quality. However, seriality is very important in her work as demonstrated by many variations of the same subject matter. In addition, Aarniosuo smoothly moves between different subjects and methodologies: her themes include references to art, history, literature and popular culture.